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An experienced team of IT enthusiasts who are passionate in making software that works for our clients

Myware is a boutique software/web development company staffed only by senior professionals who are passionate in making software that works for our clients. We create custom made “Myware”, tailored according to the need of our clients.

We help startups and organizations to successfully develop and launch MVP, digital products and web-based software applications.

Our core technical expertise is in developing web-based software (web applications). That could mean software as a service (SaaS), or an integrated application that automates your business processes.


Leadership with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals


Over 14 years of experience

We understand what you want. We know how to make it happen. With our knowledge, we make sure you get exactly what you want, the way that you want it.


Resource Constraints

Time and money versus competition and risk.Our development processes and unique methods drive optimal productivity, ensuring your return of investment as soon as possible.


Play Things Fair

Treating everyone in our network fairly, from customers to partners and employees, is our way of doing business. We only pursue a project if it’s likely to have a positive outcome for both our client and us.


Our Unique Expertise

We have built and launched our own successful software products, we’ve done it for our clients and we can surely do that for you. We do not bank on luck, our processes ensure success..


Getting the Best Solution for your Problems

There is always more than one way to do anything, we will suggest the solutions the way you can understand them and let you have your pick, understanding the risks and benefits involved.


Giving all the Support you Need

From concept design through to development, testing, implementation and launch, our team are on hand to support and guide you every step of the way.

Initial Fact Finding

We meet our clients and understand their problem and what they want to solve.

Submit Proposal

We will then propose a solution to our clients to solve their problem with the relevant quotation.

Acceptance of Proposal

Clients will inform our company if they can accept our proposal. An email of the signed contract will be sent to us by the client.

Kick off meeting

This is an initiate meeting with our clients to understand the roles of each company, person in charge and expectation.

Detailed Fact Finding

We will meet our client’s team and finalise the requirements for the project.

System Requirement Specifications (SRS)

We will document a SRS with detailed requirement for the project. We will include proposed screens and list out all the functions required.

Presentation of Gantt Chart

With the SRS accepted and signed off, we will provide a timeline that dictate how long we will take for the software to be developed. Milestones will be included.

User Acceptance Test

We will provide a series of testing documents to test the system that we have created according to the SRS

Fine Tuning and Acceptance

We will take in refinement of the software and fix bugs picked up in the UAT and get the system ready for acceptance

Add on (optional)

In the event that more requests are requested that is out of scope of the SRS, we will suggest an alternative solution or provide a quotation to develop the add on


When UAT are signed off, we will deliver the software

Training & Maintenance

Training is provided for usage of the system for the front end and back end. Maintenance commences.


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What Makes Us Different

Innovative Engineering

We have many years of experience. We use our experience so as to do more for less.

Exceptional Service

Each client is with a account manager. We make sure you are taken care of.

Creative Solutions

We are in touch with new systems and ideas daily. We use our improved knowledge for your solutions.

Impressive Results

We make sure you get what you want, the way you want it. No fuss. Just good software.

Global Partner

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