Opening Times

    Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00


How We Work

Initial Fact Finding

We meet our clients and understand their problem and what they want to solve.

Submit Proposal

We will then propose a solution to our clients to solve their problem with the relevant quotation.

Acceptance of Proposal

Clients will inform our company if they can accept our proposal. An email of the signed contract will be sent to us by the client.

Kick off meeting

This is an initiate meeting with our clients to understand the roles of each company, person in charge and expectation.

Detailed Fact Finding

We will meet our client’s team and finalise the requirements for the project.

System Requirement Specifications (SRS)

We will document a SRS with detailed requirement for the project. We will include proposed screens and list out all the functions required.

Presentation of Gantt Chart

With the SRS accepted and signed off, we will provide a timeline that dictate how long we will take for the software to be developed. Milestones will be included.

User Acceptance Test

We will provide a series of testing documents to test the system that we have created according to the SRS

Fine Tuning and Acceptance

We will take in refinement of the software and fix bugs picked up in the UAT and get the system ready for acceptance

Add on (optional)

In the event that more requests are requested that is out of scope of the SRS, we will suggest an alternative solution or provide a quotation to develop the add on


When UAT are signed off, we will deliver the software

Training & Maintenance

Training is provided for usage of the system for the front end and back end. Maintenance commences.

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