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We offer much product innovation in the Accommodation market

The accommodation business is a vibrant and dynamic industry with communications for information and reservations happening frequently. 


Located in one of the most modern areas of Havana, the Hotel Don Julio is the ideal place where modernity, comfort and the elegance of an old city join together. It is located in the central intersection of Avenida 31 and Calle 10 in Miramar neighbourhood, which occupation began in the early twentieth century with an urban design that has practically reached our days. We revamped its website to make it mobile responsive and links it up to online rooms reservation portals. This improvement increases their revenue and lessen confusion to their clients with real time room availability checks.

Visit their website at: don-juliohotels.com


Better condominium management with Condoware. We have successfully launched a condominium management system for Olina Lodge. Visit their website at : www.olinalodge.com

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