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We offer content and Learning Management system for the Education Market

Getting in touch with our clients, we offer them what they need for their business to strive better. We talk to our clients, listen and understand what they want and provide the solution they require to solve their daily problem.


HMI Institute of Health Sciences ("HMI-IHS") is a dedicated private provider of healthcare training in Singapore and one of two SkillsFuture Singapore appointed Continuing Education and Training Centres for the healthcare support sector since 2009. HMI Institute is owned by Health Management International Ltd, a healthcare company listed on the SGX Mainboard and with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Myanmar. We provided a Content Management System and made it mobile responsive to create more convenience for their customers to read their content and register via a mobile device.

Visit their website at: www.hmi-ihs.com


EduFinder.Asia is the portal for parents to get more information about parenting and search for a suitable education / enrichment centre for their children. We are not works as a directory but we aim to provide info regarding parenting and education insights to parents by inviting Professionals such as doctors, psychologists and educators on board to contribute articles to share their experiences dealing with children. Our project was to build a Content Management System, with a directory listing to provide parents with the latest information and school listing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Visit their website at: www.edufinder.asia

Core Technologies

  • Client-side:
    DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax/JavaScript, Java Applets, Flash (IE 5.5+, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera 7+, Safari & Google Chrome)
  • Server-side:
    PHP, JSP/servlets, ASP.NET, ASP
  • Languages::
    C/C++, Java, Object Pascal (Delphi), PHP, Perl, ASP
  • Database::
  • Data formats/markups::
  • Servers::
    Apache HTTP Server, nginx, lighttpd (lighty), IIS (Internet Information Services), Resin, Apache Tomcat

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