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We offer innovative solutions for the healthcare market

Healthcare is one of the more evergreen industries in the world. As people has better spending power, we tend to look more into maintaining our health. 


Flexi benefits system is a novel idea globally that has been driven actively in America and Europe in the last decade. Though several systems are developed around those regions, few have a track record of proven success in an Asian company. Facing a critical timeline, we were tasked to contribute to the concept or business workflow and develop a system that can interact with RHI’s insurance system. The delivered system is structurally sound and provided the capabilities to be highly flexible, traceable and secured.


We built an mobile application for Raffles Medical Group to communicate better with their customers. The app has a directory service to show where is the nearest clinic that is opened once the customer launch the app. All clinics are listed in the app to include the customers in their wide network locally and overseas. Customer can also access other applications through their apps, such as Mediaccess. 

Download their apps here: www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/mobile-app

Core Technologies

  • Client-side:
    DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax/JavaScript, Java Applets, Flash (IE 5.5+, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera 7+, Safari & Google Chrome)
  • Server-side:
    PHP, JSP/servlets, ASP.NET, ASP
  • Languages::
    C/C++, Java, Object Pascal (Delphi), PHP, Perl, ASP
  • Database::
  • Data formats/markups::
  • Servers::
    Apache HTTP Server, nginx, lighttpd (lighty), IIS (Internet Information Services), Resin, Apache Tomcat

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