MyNet Technologies is a reliable One-Stop IT Solutions Provider that helps you to simplify your IT infrastructure effectively and productively. With more than 17 years of hands-on experience, we have helped many customers to solve many complex IT problems.

Basic IT practice is to have regular maintenance on Computer systems, Network, Server and Connectivity. All of these contributed to a business daily operation and performance. To prevent any risk of system failure that might impact the business to lose money.

A good IT practice helps you to save Cost and disruption of downtime. Most importantly, it helps you to prolong the lifespan of your IT Equipment. MyNet Technologies have a team of well-trained accredited engineers who are proactively in maintaining your IT environment to help you to minimise major downtime and disruption by conducting regular IT health checks.

In the event of problem, you also need not worry too much if you have a well-maintained system – computer, laptop, network or server will be easier to troubleshoot as well, Therefore, regular IT maintenance services also maximize the lifespan of the equipment, thus helping the company cut down on expenditure.

As we can understand the urgency to settle the IT issues whenever a problem arises. We provide customised services according to customer’s needs. We resolve IT system issues on a real-time basis based on remote support within one hour and onsite support like same business day, next business day, within 4 hours. Depending on your requirements.