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    261 Waterloo Street,
    #02-10 Waterloo Centre
    Singapore 180261
    6333 1136

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      261 Waterloo Street, #02-10 Waterloo Centre Singapore 180261
      6333 1136

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      We are a brand and design lead innovation consultancy that helps brand to design their purpose, positioning and experience so as to connect them to their customers to drive profits, meaning and sustainability.

      We journey with organisations make their customer’s lives better through purpose led solution and design innovation methodology to create next generation business solutions that deliver innovative products, services, systems and processes.

      The rapid pace of change and disruption requires new thinking and new approaches to growth. Since our inception, we stand in the gap with our clients to solve their strategic and design challenges. From purpose to services, brand to experience, we bring the insight, rigor and expertise needed to both uncover and realize opportunities.

      Our values

      They guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat others.


      Each of us brings unique strengths, knowledge and insight to create a brand and transform it into something better. We believe the best work happens when we don’t think in terms of “me” but “we.”


      Recognising that every person has something that we can learn from form the base that our team of various perspectives and backgrounds is built on. Diversity is our creative currency. We exist to learn, share, find solutions and activate positive change in an environment that values authenticity, honesty and respect for one another.


      We constantly finetune the way we work so that we go beyond what is expected of us by our clients and even ourselves.

      Who we are

      Our team of strategists, creatives, innovators and partners brings
      their expertise to service our client locally and globally.


      • Certified brand and design thinking consultancy

      We are certified by the Enterprise Singapore-recognised Certification for Management Consultant. We possess adequate know how, competency, professionalism and ethical conduct to run our practice.

      • Training and Adult Education (ACTA)

      We are able to customise workshops and learning journeys, being certified with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) recognised Training and Adult Education (TAE) competencies.

      Our approach

      We strongly believe that organisation needs a shared value and purpose to achieve business sustainability and innovation. As a brand and design consultancy, our interdisciplinary approach combines various disciplines to uncover opportunities for your brand. Integrating branding, innovation, service design to communication design all allows us to create holistic business solutions.