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      A Diamond Gets a New Shine


      Shimadzu is a market leader in the field of analytical instruments. The company has grown from strength to strength. In an industry of strong competition and constant change, the company is not resting on its laurels. To stay relevant to its customers, the company established the Shimadzu Diamond Club to offer regular updates and a slew of benefits that sustain brand loyalty. Membership to this elite club is for leaders and partners, and by invitation only. The club is just one of many ways the brand hopes to retain existing customers and win new customers to stay ahead of the game.


      Based on insights obtained from research and engagement with the client, we identified the key value propositions for brand positioning.

      Celebrating the long-term commitment of Shimadzu’s clients and the brand promise, the tagline “Crown of Brilliance” was crafted. It conveys the exquisite nature of the trust between Shimadzu and its customers, and reflects the latter’s prestige and privileges.


      We created a “W” emblem for the logo to symbolise the exclusivity of the programme and to further reinforce the Club’s name.

      A visual language was also created to highlight the key selling point of the brand and elevate the exclusive stature of the club. We integrated the language across different communication touchpoints to ensure a seamless online and offline brand experience.

      A brochure was developed to communicate the benefit of this club and its membership privileges. The design of the brochure cover and the box, both covered with subtle sparkling textures, underscores the exclusivity of the club. The meticulous finishing also elevates the sense of elegance & prestige.

      A crystal plaque was created to show appreciation of the customer’s loyalty, which also serves as a recognition and evidence of merit.


      The launch of the new brand saw a good turnout by leaders from various pharmaceutical companies.
      These signified stronger engagement with the customers and future potential growth.