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Upsized Rug Tufting Workshop

UPSIZED workshop for an UPSIZED rug! 

This 5.5 hour workshop is made for those who want to take on a bigger challenge to tuft an extra large 90×90 cm rug

Our friendly in-house tufters will be there throughout the entire 5.5 hours to guide you and offer guidance; from operating the tufting gun and design transferring onto the monk’s cloth, to refinement of your tufting techniques and finishing your bespoke piece.


We will provide the following for you:

  • a tufting gun
  • monk’s cloth
  • 62 coloured cotton-blended yarns
  • rug tufting frames
  • fabric glue
  • backing finishes
  • projectors are available to help in sketching your design

Processing Time: After drying and finishing, processing time before you get your completed rug takes about  4-5 weeks, with no delivery charge!



Rug Tufting Workshop FAQs!

  1.  Are there any restrictions when it comes to choosing my rug design?
    For beginners, we recommend to choose simple designs without intricate details or words so it would be easier to do. Stick to 2D pictures that are non-realistic for easy tracing.

  2. How long is the processing time before I get my completed rug?
    Processing time takes about 4-5 weeks.

  3. Do you expedite rugs and how much will it cost?
    We do expedite processing and your rug will be ready in 2-3 days time. It will cost $20 per rug.

  4. Can i check how many pax can you accommodate at 1 slot for private event?
    We can accommodate up to 35pax.

  5. I am interested to buy the e-gift card for a friend, how do I purchase it?
    You may send a WhatsApp message to 9343 0206 or email

  6. Are we allowed to bring our own food & drinks at the studio?
    Yes. However, only finger foods are allowed due to limited space.

  7. Is there any age requirements to do tufting?
    For WeTuft, there is actually no minimum age However, children under 12 must have signed indemnity forms and parental supervision.

  8. Can the rugs be hand-washed?
    Yes can be hand-washed, however, it must be vacuum dried immediately. You may also opt for a vacuum cleaning method.

  9. Is this activity suitable for pregnant women?
    It depends on individual. Some may find it very tiring. Some will find it interesting. It’s best to do a tufting workshop with a +1, especially for pregnant women!

  10. Are we allowed to reschedule our package/slot?
    Rescheduling of package date/slot is only valid within 6months from purchase.

  11. Can I return to complete my workpiece?
    For those returning to complete their tufting workpiece, we kindly request scheduling and completing within 6 months from the 1st visit. Otherwise, the workpiece will be unfortunately discarded.

  12. I’m interested in booking a private event or team-building workshop. Who should I contact?
    You may drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at +65 9343 0206.

  13. Are delivery services available?
    We do delivery specifically for Tufted Rugs only. Delivery is included in the package you have paid for, except for Tufted Mirrors and Tufted Bags.


Reviews from Our Customers

Highly satisfied customer reviews based on their experiences.

"Tried out rug tufting with my husband as a wedding anniversary activity. The staff were very helpful and we enjoyed the activity. There’s also a really nice “yarn wall” that’s aesthetically pleasing. Overall, a very meaningful and fun activity for couples, families and friends!"

Briana Ang

"It was a tuft experience because we were arts and craft handicap but the staff were very patient and helpful. Especially Hazel the intern that has only been there for 2 weeks! I’m glad we tufted it out and completed our masterpieces "

Dean Lee

"Came here for our friend’s hen’s day and it was tough but fun!! Arm workout !! The people there are very helpful and it was a chill environment . Do not try to overachieve on your first attempt!!."

Carey Lim
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